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As Baymard’s Product Listings & Filtering study shows, sites with mediocre product listing usability saw abandonment rates of 67-90%. Whereas, sites with just a slightly optimized toolset saw only 17-33% abandonments for users searching for the exact same types of products.
All the crucial UX features suggested by Baymard were implemented in FiboFilters.

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What makes FiboFilters unique?

Here are all the custom-built features for store owners who want to sell more.

Research-based UX illustration

Research-based UX

We covered all the musts mentioned in an in-depth, large-scale usability study by Baymard Institute.
We’ve followed all the recommendations and the dos and don'ts .


  • Less user frustration
  • A simplified shopping path
  • Higher conversions
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Unbelievably fast

FiboFilters benefits from an innovative search index. Based on that, we maximized the filter speed, even for the biggest stores out there.


  • Short filtering time results in less annoyance
  • A guaranteed “WOW, that’s fast!” reaction
  • Increased sales
Mobile first illustration

Mobile first

We’re offering a custom-designed mobile mode. Your customers will love this newly tailored, intuitive shopping experience.


  • Improved sales on mobile devices
  • Lower bounce rate on mobile
  • Wider reach and accessibility
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Meet our happy customers

FiboFilters is our brand new project, so we haven’t received any reviews yet. However, we are also the team behind the FiboSearch plugin, trusted by 100 000+ entrepreneurs, developers and WooCommerce community members.

Tech Support has been amazing

Tech Support has been amazing with the few things I needed help with. Quit searching and just use FiboSearch. Wished I would have found this one first it would have saved me a lot of time.

Brooke Parker

FiboSearch Reviews on wp.org

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Awesome plugin and excellent customer support

Amazing plugin, works perfect for product preview and super fast loading. The awesome customer service, after an update there was a small compatibility problem and they solved it the next day, recommended 100% !!


The Best Product Search Plugin for WooCommerce!!

Without having to think for more than a moment I can say this is THE BEST product search plugin for Woocommerce. Great features, looks modern, easy to use and customize, Superb support too! Highly Recommended!!


Love this plugin

I have been using the free version of this plugin on my client's site for quite sometime and I just decided to upgrade to Pro for Brand search. There was a bit of a problem at first, so I sent an email to them and they got it fixed within a day or two. Nicely done!!


Simple to use, great functionality

If only all plugins could be like this, offering great functionality while being very simple to use. This is going to be one of my staple Woocommerce plugins from now on.


Perfect search

Easy to set up and does everything I need it to do. Works fast and gives accurate results, I highly recommend this search plugin.

Tony Gonzalez

Great plugin!

Use this on every WooCommerce website. I haven’t needed the support much, but when I have they have been great too.


Awesome plugin

Incredibly useful, smooth, and quick. A fantastic aid for shoppers on our website.


Very good

It’s a properly good plug-in and it will be the best in the future, I believe.



Modern, UX-friendly filtering solution for WooCommerce

Join thousands of entrepreneurs who’ve already trusted Fibo plugins.

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