It's a changelog of the FiboFilters plugin.

  • Release Date - April 18, 2024

    Added Scheduling indexing. It allows to rebuild the index automatically on a schedule.
    Added Added WP-CLI commands related to the index.
    Added Possibility to disable filters for debugging by adding the ?nofibofilters=1 parameter to the URL.
    Added Integration with the “WP Rocket” plugin.
    Added Integration with the “FlyingPress” plugin.
    Added Integration with the “Freestyle” theme.
    Added Integration with the “Breakdance builder” plugin.
    Added Possibility to sort products by stock status first, then by other values. It could be activated only by the WordPress filter hook.
    Added Troubleshooting - a new test for ambiguous and incorrectly configured stock status in variable products.
    Added Turkish translation.
    Added Lithuanian translation.
    Fixed Variable products could disappear from the products catalog when the wc_product_attribute_lookup table is corrupted or incomplete.
    Fixed Support for the “Post Card” feature in the Avada theme integration.
    Fixed Index building fails because of a “Duplicate entry...” error.
    Fixed Wrong pagination selector in the Avada theme integration.
    Fixed Incorrect price ranges that were generated in some price combinations.
    Fixed Woodmart” theme integration - products grid crashes after updating the “Woodmart” theme to v7.4.3`.
    Fixed The “Scroll to the top after selecting a filter value” functionality doesn't work.
    Fixed JS error when the first element of ranges is empty and there isn't a possibility to get the rounded_max variable.
    Fixed Language files for plugin settings are not loaded.
    Fixed Pagination - returning to page 1 in the browser history doesn't change the pagination state.
    Fixed Products can't be fetched when the “Shop” page is empty in the WooCommerce settings.
    Fixed Untranslated “Clear” text.
    Fixed An SQL error on the frontend when the index is not ready.
    Fixed Incorrect filter translations when the administrator's language differs from the website's language.
    Fixed Warning about using ReactDOM.render on the settings page.
    Tweak Hide the “Custom” filter location in the onboarding process.
    Tweak Remove unused code.
    Tweak Exposing some internal data that is helpful in debugging.
    Refactor Cleanup in the Request class.
    Refactor Rename “Products loading” to “Pagination types” in the plugin settings.
    Updated Freemius SDK.
  • Release Date - March 21, 2024

    Added Compatibility with the “Variation Swatches for WooCommerce - Pro” plugin.
    Added The CSS class was added to the counter for the “more/less” links to allow users to hide it via CSS.
    Added Swedish translation.
    Added Save indexer fail logs.
    Added Allowing to disable source value types analyzer.
    Added Add a filter to change content-aware filters ratio.
    Added Integration with the “YITH WooCommerce Wishlist” plugin.
    Added Integration with the “Pixel Manager for WooCommerce (Premium)” plugin.
    Added Possibility to hide filters by context (only by PHP snippets).
    Fixed Products disappear from filter results after editing them.
    Fixed The indexer error when filter value label is too long.
    Fixed The plugin settings cannot be saved when the "ESI in LiteSpeed Cache” is enabled.
    Fixed The index cannot be built when the "ESI in LiteSpeed Cache” is enabled.
    Fixed Typos in translations.
    Fixed Issues related to JS onpopstate event.
    Fixed GeneratePress theme - the FiboFilters plugin doesn't recognize GeneratePress settings because of the wrong order of WP hooks.
    Fixed Divi theme - memory limit exceeded error.
    Fixed Astra theme - hidden products when the "Reveal Effect” is enabled.
    Fixed An JS error related to infinity and -infinity types returned by Math.min.
    Fixed Invalid price ranges.
    Fixed Prevent empty url_label.
    Fixed Add a shop page as the base URL to fetch products to fix some integrations with themes.
    Fixed Page shifts after loading horizontal filters.
    Fixed Incorrect “Woocommerce Result Count” values in some cases.
    Tweak Triggering theme actions also after overwriting product placeholders.
    Tweak Index building time optimization.
    Tweak Restoring the default OR logic for the “Categories” filter when the “Checkboxes” type is selected.
    Updated Freemius SDK.
  • Release Date - March 04, 2024

    Added First public release