Number Range

Allow users to filter content based on a numerical field value. This facet might consist of three elements: “max” and “min” input boxes, a slider, and a range presented as a “radio” button. In the settings, you can decide what elements will be displayed.

A Number range example
A Number range example

Available options

Option nameDescription
Data sourceThe Number Range filter type is only available for data sources that have numerical values. FiboFilters automatically analyzes the data sources to hide filter types that do not match certain criteria.

Read more about data sources.
When to showAlways – a filter will always be displayed

Auto – a filter will be visible conditionally. Read more about content-aware filters.
Display radio rangesIt shows or hides the “Radio ranges” element. These are automatically calculated numerical ranges that will vary depending on the available products for filtering.

Number range filter - ranges
Display “Min/Max” inputsDisplays or hides the “Max” and “Min” input boxes.

Number range filter - min/max
Display slidersDisplays or hides the “Slider” element, with which users can narrow down the search results to the set numerical range.

Number range - slider