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Research-based UX

FiboFilters is built according to the demanding
Baymard Institute’s guidelines. We designed our filter plugin on a par with best UX practices for ecommerce.

Why should you care? Because it means that your store can now guarantee the best possible utility for your customers. Enhance your conversion rate and turn your visitors into customers.

Key benefits

  • LessUser Frustration

  • SimplifiedShopping Path

  • HigherConversions

Look how UX research helped us build FiboFilters:

  • Content-aware filters

    FiboFilters are cross-matched with displayed products at all times. Our algorithms prevent the presence of filters which won’t match any products from your store's current catalog. For example, your customers will see a “CPU manufacturer” filter in the “Laptops” category, but the same filter won’t appear in the “Displays” category.

    Assigning filters to categories is automatic. No more cumbersome, manual assigning filters to particular categories. It’s all done under the hood from now on!

    Content-aware filters
  • Number of available products presented next to filters' values

    Make it easy for your customers: instant numeric feedback on how many products they will be presented with when choosing a particular filter.

    Filter counters
  • More/Less values

    When the number of values per filter exceeds 7, excess values are hidden and the “Show more option” button is presented. No customer wants to be overwhelmed by a ton of products right off the bat. So, all filters come in handy and are equally useful while searching.

    Less/more feature
  • Immediate filtering

    To present the filtering results, your customers only have to select one value. The products will be immediately filtered and valid results will be presented. Many e-commerces won’t implement this feature due to performance issues, but we know for a fact that customers just love such speedy filtering! FiboFilters is built with speed in mind, and we put ad-hoc filtering at the core of the plugin.

  • Lightning speed

    Filtering speed is something we focused on the most early in the development phase. We optimized the filtering algorithm to be virtually unnoticeable for your customers. It’s not an easy fit within the WordPress environment, but we’ve drawn from our FiboSearch experience – we can proudly claim that the mission is accomplished!

  • Elegant design

    Less is more. We’ve come up with a lightweight, clutter-free design. Everything presented in the FiboFilters section has its exact place and purpose. The main benefit is that the customers’ learning curve will be very flat. FiboFilters helps your customers navigate, using their intuitions and habits from other ecommerce sites.

    Elegant design
  • Mobile first

    It’s obvious that most of ecommerce foot traffic is now mobile. We’ve studied dozens of mobile ecommerce sites and apps to come up with mobile front end maximizing the mini screens. All call-to-actions are always sticky. Customers are given real-time meters to know how many products there are in particular categories before they’ll close the mobile overlay.

    More information about the mobile version here: Mobile first

    Mobile filters


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