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As quick as a flash

We placed filtering speed at the core of FiboFilters. Filtering takes a few milliseconds even for a store with thousands of products. It’s not an easy fit within the WordPress environment, but we’ve drawn from our FiboSearch experience – we can proudly claim that the mission is accomplished!

Key benefits

  • Short Filtering Time

  • WOW Reaction

  • Increased Sales

Searching and filtering speed is in our DNA

  • Response Time

    We’ve been developing WordPress plugins for more than a decade and we know for a fact that it’s not a speed demon. In FiboSearch Pro, our search plugin, we’ve achieved Server Response Time (SRT) less than 0.2 sec for 50k products. However, filtering is a different beast, and we decided to resign from server requests. Instead, filtering takes place entirely on the frontend.

    That's why filtering takes a few milliseconds even for a store with thousands of products. You can check it out on the FiboFilters demo page with 20k products.

    Example on how fast is FiboFilters
  • Indexing

    To evade possible WordPress efficiency problems, FiboFilters always has custom database tables. All product relationships are analyzed for filtering purposes, such as categories, tags, attributes, custom fields, and more. The search index is created based on that data, and then it's delivered to the frontend.

    The Search index is built first upon FiboFilters installation, after an update or when any changes to the plugin.

    FiboFilters database tables


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