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Mobile first

Mobile ecommerce is what generates the most profits nowadays. After studying dozens of mobile ecommerce sites and apps, we've come up with a mobile front end maximizing the mini screens. All call-to-actions are always sticky. Customers are given real-time meters to know how many products there are in particular categories before they close the mobile overlay.

Key benefits

  • More Sales on Mobile

    More Sales on Mobile

  • Lower Bounce Rate on Mobile

    Lower Bounce Rate on Mobile

  • Wider Reach and Accessibility

    Wider Reach and Accessibility

All filters at your fingertips

  • We prepared a custom view/look, aimed specifically at mobile devices. Thanks to that, your customers have all the filters at their fingertips. The feature overlays the catalog’s overview to help customers filter products and get the results immediately.

    Mobile filters
  • Matching product number

    When customers select any filter, a meter presenting the product number appears next to the “Call to action” button at the bottom. Now your customers know exactly how filtering narrows their searches down.

    Matching product number
  • A sticky “Call to action” button

    The “Call to action” button is always present. It helps customers to navigate filters and switch between filtering overlay and products catalog at their own pace.

    A sticky Call to action button


Modern, UX-friendly filtering solution for WooCommerce

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