Filter types

Different types of data require different, unique types of filters. For example, pricing filters should be presented in the form of sliders or ranges, “On sale” filters as a toggle, and “Brands” as a checkbox list.

FiboFilters algorithms thoroughly analyze all the sources of information in your store, including categories and attributes, and offer recommendations for the most suitable filter types to go for. We designed it this way to avoid mismatching the data source with the filter type.

Instantly cuts out irrelevant data and offers an easily digestible number of results.
Category Filterlearn more
A list of checkboxes where customers can make multiple choices; best suited for non-visual types of product data where customers need to select more than one option at a time, for example, size, brand, model, etc
Checkboxes Filterlearn more
Customers select only one option at a time; best suited for data where only one reasonable variable should be assigned, like availability.
Radio listlearn more
Number Range
Three elements: “max” and “min” input boxes, a slider, and a range presented as a “radio” button. In the settings, you can decide what elements will be displayed.
Number Rangelearn more
Toggle type filter for boolean data source; allows customers to narrow the search to products which have one specific value assigned, like “on sale”.
Togglelearn more