A list of checkboxes, where customers can make multiple choices. It’s best suited for non-visual types of product data where customers need to select more than one option at a time – for example, size, brand, model, etc.

A Checkboxes example
A Checkboxes filter example

Available options

Option nameDescription
Data sourceWhere should the checkbox items come from?
Read more about data sources.
When to showAlways – a filter will always be displayed

Auto – a filter will be visible conditionally. Read more about content-aware filters.
Logical operatorOR” is the most common logical operator used for checkboxes

OR (match any) – products that match any of the selected attribute values will be included.

For example, if you select “Pot material” values of Aluminum and Enamel, aluminum and enamel pots will both appear.

AND (match all) – products that match all of the selected attributes will be included.

For example, if you select “Pot material” as Aluminum, you won’t be able to select “Enamel” because that would mean displaying pots that are both aluminum and enamel – such products don’t exist. The AND operator is useful for features that do not mutually exclude each other, such as car accessories.
Values orderIn what order should the checkbox features be presented?

Alphabetically – sorts choices alphabetically

By counters – sorts choices by the total number of products assigned with that feature

By term order – determines the sort order of the terms using custom ordering. Custom ordering is supported by WooCommerce, but there are plugins that do this job as well. Currently, we don’t support these plugins.
Display the filter name in applied filtersIf users select features in the Checkboxes filter, they will also be displayed above the products in a special section called “Applied filters”.

With this option enabled, the “Filter name” and “Selected feature” will be displayed as shown in the screenshot below. Inversely, when the option is disabled, only “Selected feature” will be shown.

Applied filters labels - example