Product brands

Brands in WooCommerce help to organize the products in your store. WooCommerce doesn’t support brands by default, so you need to use one of the WooCommerce extensions. FiboFilters is integrated with the most popular WooCommerce plugins that serve brands’ functionality. The integration allows you to create filters using “brands” sources and as a result, allows customers to filter products by brands.

Compatible plugins

We tested compatibility with the following WooCommerce plugins:

WooCommerce Brands

Plugin websiteWooCommerce Brands
Tested up tov1.6.61
FiboFilters tested up tov1.0.0

Brands for WooCommerce

Plugin websiteBrands for WooCommerce
Tested up tov3.8.2.3
FiboFilters tested up tov1.0.0

Perfect Brands WooCommerce

Plugin websitePerfect Brands WooCommerce
Tested up tov3.2.8
FiboFilters tested up tov1.0.0

Premmerce Brands for WooCommerce

Plugin websitePremmerce Brands for WooCommerce
Tested up tov1.2.13
FiboFilters tested up tov1.0.0

YITH WooCommerce Brands Add-On

Plugin websiteYITH WooCommerce Brands Add-On
Tested up tov2.17.0
FiboFilters tested up tov1.0.0

Martfury Addons

Plugin websiteMartfury Addons
Tested up tov2.2.0
FiboFilters tested up tov1.0.0

Smart Brands for WooCommerce

Plugin websiteSmart Brands for WooCommerce
Tested up tov1.0.7
FiboFilters tested up tov1.0.0

WPC Brands for WooCommerce

Plugin websiteWPC Brands for WooCommerce
Tested up tov1.2.5
FiboFilters tested up tov1.0.0

Kadence WooCommerce Shop Kit

Plugin websiteKadence WooCommerce Shop Kit
Tested up tov2.0.28
FiboFilters tested up tov1.3.0

Custom solutions

If you use not supported plugins or you create a WooCommerce website from scratch, you will need a simple snippet to recognize your taxonomy brand name in the filters creator.

add_filter( 'fibofilters/filters/custom_sources/brand_providers', function ( $providers ) {

	$providers[] = [
		'provider' => 'My brands feature',
		'taxonomy' => 'product_brand' // Your custom taxonomy name for brands

	return $providers;
} );

Verify if the integration works

If integration works, you should see brands in the list of data sources. Go to WooCommerce -> FiboFilters -> Filters and add a new filter. Open a Data source dropdown and check, if you can see brands as one of the items.